Before you decide to travel to your nearest pharmacist, can I suggest that you first try these methods as they deal with stress in a very simple manner? There are remedies that are much more naturally inclined that can be used. These exercises should be part of your plan to find natural ways to relieve stress.

Deep breathing

Breathing is an essential bodily function and we rarely stop to think about it. Breathing technique can help in a variety of situations such as during exercise, anxiety attacks, and even when we’re feeling sleepy. By learning how to control our breathing through deep breaths, we can feel more relaxed and focused.

Deep controlled breathing can help. Sit comfortable and inhale through the nose concentrating on contracting your stomach muscles.

Progressive Relaxation

Progressive Relaxation is a technique that combines breathing exercises and the slow contraction of body muscles. It is simple to use, convenient, and can be done anywhere. I have found this technique to be especially useful when my anxiety is getting the best of me.


The benefits of meditation are well-known. Meditation will unite your body and mind in a place of peace and tranquility. You can meditate anywhere so it’s an important step in today’s busy world. Occupy your mind with a soothing memory or image; close your eyes and focus on that thought. Become wrapped in that thought and feel the joy it brings you.


Exercise benefits the mind as well as the body. Perform some cardiovascular exercise each week, twice a week for 50 minutes as this is one of the strongest natural ways to relieve stress. Your local fitness centre will be able to advise you on the best routine.

Exercise is important, but it can often be difficult to find the time or motivation to do it. You have a few options for this. You can try going on a walk around your neighborhood with your dogs, or you could try doing a workout video you’ve been putting off for a while. There are even some apps that will help you get in some exercise without leaving your home.


Yoga is a holistic practice that brings balance to your system. The postures taught at a Yoga class help to regulate breathing and place you in a meditative state. It is an ancient healing art that has been shown to improve strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. Yoga can be practiced by anyone and is an excellent way to de-stress and find peace within oneself


Aerobics is defined as an exercise that involves rhythmic aerobic movement, often to music. Aerobic exercises are typically low-intensity and require the use of large muscle groups. Examples of exercises that would be classified as aerobics include running, swimming, cycling, and dancing. There are many other types of aerobic activities like elliptical training or step aerobics.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi involves a series of gentle movements that enable you to feel more relaxed and maintain a higher level of concentration. This again calms the mind, and therefore reduces stress.

It’s important to slow the stress duration by taking your mind away from the area of stress. These natural ways to relieve stress relax the mind and body. There is no real pattern as to when you should carry out the exercises though I would say at least once a week. In turn, this promotes peace within yourself and a generally more productive YOU.

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